Hey guys!
Just wanted to say thank you so much for all the Whubble love in this run, it’s been so appreciated. Sorry to say though, Whubble will be going on hiatus again. We got four more strips to go, so that’s a month more Whubble, but after that i’ll be taking a break from posting any more.
The reason is, quite simply, time. I love drawing Whubble and would happily do it constantly, but at the moment i have so many other projects happening and about to start, that I just don’t think I’m going to find much chance to get new Whubbles out. Some of you may know I’ve started doing children’s books (my Find Chaffy book is out NOW), and they’re pretty all-consuming timewise. Not to mention the 15 other projects floating around at any one time.
So apologies, but Whubbs needs some time out. BUT as i say we do still have a month left, and Whubble WILL of course return soon. If you want to hear when or keep up to date, best follow me on twitter or check out my website, that’s where i’ll be posting up any Whubble return dates.