There we go, with today’s Whubble strip we’re at an end for this current run. I’d like to thank everyone who has supported Whubble and all those who have commented, emailed and promoted it, the affection for that little lumpy purple cat is quite overwhelming and i really do appreciate it.
As mentioned in the previous post, I have to stop drawing Whubble for a while because there is so much other work taking precedent at the moment. As for when Whubble will return, I have no idea. It may be a while, sorry.
The only way I could do more Whubble is if it were a paid gig, running in newspapers and the like. But as any strip cartoonist will tell you, getting a cartoon strip into the press can be like trying to climb up a bear, notoriously difficult and you always end up back on your ass (badoom TISH). There’s been some interest in Whubble from certain publishers over the years, but ultimately these come to nothing, or roll on indefinitely. So if you think the newspapers you read should print Whubble, please do point them this way! All support is obviously very welcome.
But for now, thank you again. I announce new stuff (including any possible Whubble return) on my site and twitter, so click the links to the right if you want to follow me there.
Until next time, file under A. For Awwww.