Well technically it’s my birthday, but why not make it Whubble’s as well, and use it as an excuse to post a new strip up. Happy birthday Whubble!
Woo, so, it’s been a year since any new Whubble strips. Really sorry about that, hope this might help in some small way. It was weird to draw – clearly my style has changed a little bit since I did the last ones. I draw Whubbles quite large, bigger than they need to be, because I like how my linework gets thinner when it’s shrunk down. This one I drew just the same size as previously, but my line still looks thicker and looser to me. I don’t mind it, it’s natural to change a bit over time (and I’ve become far more used to inking in the bolder style of my other, more adult, office webcomic Corporate Skull), but I wonder if it looks inconsistent.
Anyway, before I deconstruct everything I’m doing, I’ll leave it. I would still like to return to drawing Whubbles regularly, I just need to find some time, and it’s in short supply these days. But sometime yes :)