Whubble is now sponsored by WorkCompass!

I know, right? What does that actually mean for Whubble?

What it means is: WorkCompass are funding me to keep drawing new Whubbles, once a week, to post up right here for you to read every Wednesday. REGULAR WHUBBLE! The dream has come true!

What it also means: If you want to read the new Whubbles ONE WEEK EARLIER than they appear here, then WorkCompass have the exclusive on their blog. So head there and always be one Whubble ahead of everyone else. There’s a brand new Whubble up there now! It will show up here on whubble.net in about a week’s time!

Basically, you get regular Whubble, I get to draw regular Whubble, WorkCompass get to show regular Whubbles from the FUTURE! Everyone wins! Enjoy!