Well then HERE WE GO. Whubbe Wheek begins a week on monday, and I’ll be updating a brand new Whubble strip every day for 7 days. After that, who knows? I’d like to start maintaining a weekly update where possible, but I’ll have to see how kind time is.

While you wait for Whubble Wheek, and i frantically practice drawing him again (seriously, the simplest characters are often the trickiest to get right), have a poke around the brand new Whubble website! Here you’ll find Whubble fanart, banners, new Whallpapers, and with every* strip updated into the archive, a catalogue of Whubble’s misadventures so far. And don’t forget to come join the Whubble FACEBOOK GROUP (link on the right).

See you in just over a wheek!


* i say every, but i’m sure a few are missing and i can’t remember which ones. if you’ve got any clue, let me know!