Whelcome to Whubble. Whether you’re a whegular wheader (okay lets stop that now) to the Whubble comics or you’ve only just discovered the archive (there’s loads of strips to read!), i’d just like to say WELCOME!

The old Whubble website was falling to bits, lets be honest. The comments system broke apart and it was hard to link to any of the strips because their ranking kept changing. Despite that, whubble.net scored well over HALF A MILLION hits in the time it was online, and poor Whubble himself won a loyal and quite lovely following. Since his stories went on hiatus, I’ve been trying to find the time to draw some more, and finally I think I’m gonna get some done. So it’s with great pleasure I can say new Whubble strips will be starting very soon!

In the meantime, say hi! If you find anything wrong with this site, or just want to say howdy, please do! And thank you everyone for your Whubble support this far, it’s the reason I’m drawing new ones.